A2 health and social care coursework

Supporting the Family In this unit students look at two families and produce two case studies of the two different families. Justify the choice of methods and techniques.

They also examine poverty and domestic violence and what support there is for families who experience these problems. The family must have at least three members.

Evaluation Evaluate the research in terms of: Assessment Summative assessment will take place through formal examinations in December and March and regular topic tests using past paper questions will be used to determine knowledge and understanding of course content of Unit 3. Results Present the results using graphs and tables of results.

Providing Services In this unit students look at a wide range of health and social care services and the roles of people who work within them e. Discussion Analyse the results of the primary research. Students must produce an individual report of the activity.

Health And Social Care Coursework

The activity may be carried out in school if appropriate to the target group or in a health, social care or early years setting. Include a copy of the research tool s questionnaire, interview schedule or observation chart in the report.


Resources Students will be provided with teacher hand-outs for all units. A2 10 Coursework For unit A2 10 — Health Promotion students must plan and implement a small-scale health promotion activity which is based on a Northern Ireland health promotion priority. The activity can be carried out individually or in a group of no more than five members.

As part of the case study, students must: For the written report, students must: Draw conclusions in relation to the original research objectives and hypothesis.

A2 H&SC Unit 8 Promoting Health and Wellbeing

They must base the report on families in general and not the family in the case study. Each member must have a defined, active role in the activity. Include a literature review with references. Describe how ethical issues were addressed.

Students must also produce a report on recent government initiatives that aim to support families experiencing difficulties. They examine their needs and what services meet these needs. Applied Research In this unit you are required to carry out a small research project on a health or social care issue e.

Students are given guidelines for each task and must complete all sections. A2 8 Coursework For unit A2 8 — Monitoring Body Systems, students must produce a written report which shows their understanding of the functioning of body systems.

Students examine the role of the G. Describe how the validity and reliability of results will be tested. A2 11 Coursework For unit A2 11 — Supporting the Family, students must produce a case study of a real or fictional family.

All students must complete independent research on the internet using listed websites that they have been provided with for independent learning.

Methodology Discuss the primary research method s and sampling technique s used. The report should include records of monitoring two body systems for two individuals at different life stages before and after moderate exercise.

A2 Level Coursework

The family must also receive support from a variety of services. They also study the history of the Health Service. Outline the findings using a minimum of four secondary sources.

Health And Social Care

Highlight the key results from both the primary and secondary research. Past Papers with mark schemes for Unit 3 can be found here also.6 Coursework Administration 73 Supervision and Authentication of Coursework 73 A2 Level Single Award 4 units HSC01, plus one optional unit taken from HSC02 or HSC03, used in health, social care, children and young people and community justice sectors.

Examples of suitable. Open Document. Below is an essay on "A2 Health And Social Care Unit 9 Coursework" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples. GCSE Health and Social Care Single award support booklet AQA Education (AQA) is a registered charity (number ) and a company limited by guarantee registered in England and Wales (number ).

GCE in Health and Social Care. A2 Unit F Mental-health issues 60 A2 Unit F Social trends 64 A2 Unit F Research methods in health and social care 67 Appendix B: Coursework Assessment Evidence Grids 99 Unit F - Assessment Evidence Grid At A2 students will cover 2 units of work: *Unit 9- Working in Health and Social Care (Coursework, 60%) *Unit 7- Provision of Health, Social Care and Early Years Services (Controlled Assessment, 40%) Qualification is graded from A*-U.

Below are the requirements for A2 Level Coursework: A2 7 Coursework. For unit A2 7 – Applied Research, students must produce a written report on research they have designed and carried out on a health and social care mint-body.com work needs to be structured according to a traditional research report format as outlined below.

A2 health and social care coursework
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