An examination of the growing problem of violence in sports

The Role of the Recreation Professional As the gatekeepers of public park facilities, recreation professionals have a critical role in ensuring that the highest standards of conduct are upheld at youth sporting events.

Others have suggested that watching others be aggressive helps people vicariously release their own pent-up emotions. However, they are not a panacea for preventing inappropriate spectator behavior.

Can you show your child self-control? Even kids who are driven to strive for scholarships or recognition can become overly aggressive at play, especially if they see their athletic role models taking each other out. Sports and your child: First and foremost has been the evolution of the press from a parochial to a cosmopolitan news-gathering system that covers a larger portion of the world in a more rapid and comprehensive manner.

Using the key words "youth sports" and "violence," more than 1, citations were returned dating back twenty years. Not unlike parental codes of conduct, however, criminal background checks are not foolproof nor fail-safe -- only those individuals with prior criminal records are identified assuming a thorough state and federal check has been conducted.

For further reading on how adults justify aggression, see Feigley Educate parents about the objectives of youth sports and clarify the goals of the program. A minute guide for parents.

In short, there is currently no scientific evidence to substantiate the claim that violence in youth sports is "escalating" or "out of control. Alternately, the media often groups violent incidents, such as physical assaults against officials, with unsportsmanlike behavior, such as booing or heckling participants.

Competent officials not only help identify potential equipment or facility hazards, they are also trained to employ techniques that mitigate confrontations among players, coaches and spectators.

January 12,Greece- A meeting between the Panathinaikos and the Olympiacos, in which the Olympiacos wonsaw a riot rage when the Green fans attacked Red fans. While neither example should be tolerated at a sporting event, especially one involving impressionable children they represent dramatically different behaviors and should not be considered in the same light.

In an effort to more fully understand this phenomenon, the Rutgers Youth Sports Research Council conducted a search of the "Lexis-Nexis Academic Universe," a computerized database covering more than 5, publications throughout the United States.

He was right in my face, giving me the finger and all kinds of s like that. If that is something that you could have done, be prepared, people are going to eat you alive. To download campus access dissertations, please use the following link to log into our proxy server with your NU ID and password.

Beyond the moral imperative, youth sports administrators have a legal duty to ensure that the activity is conducted in a safe manner. Whatever the reason, fans demand a certain level of violence, at least for some sports.

The Growing Problem of Fan Violence In Sports

In addition, one of the thorniest questions for recreation administrators is how to finance the background check? The coach was not dead, only unconscious for four hours.

It was just like a stupid guy thing. The fact that rage occurs in a variety of settings contradicts the assertion that it is somehow inherent to sports. All three men were Raider fans. Inform parents about their youth sport obligations and commitments.

Staff Screening Took Kit. Please talk to your librarian about requesting this dissertation through interlibrary loan. How often should background checks be conducted? By coming down hard on bad acts, he said, the NFL and other organizations can do a lot to model less violent behavior for the next generation of young athletes.

The link between viewing violent sports and spectator violence is also discussed. Except for one report conducted by the National Association of Sports Officials NASOthere have not been any published studies that have looked at the incidence of "sports rage.Watch video · (Thomas Johnson,Dani Johnson/The Washington Post) Earlier this month, Joe Bauer and his wife, Sharon, went to M&T Bank Stadium in Baltimore to watch the.

Is Violence in Sports Inevitable?: Discovery News the wildly brutal sport of mixed martial arts is growing rapidly. And a fireball explosion during the Daytona last week boosted ratings.

Ch. 6: Sports in Society, Issues and Controversies.

STUDY. crowd violence in certain sports is a problem for law enforcement and a social issue. Violent Actions at Sports Events: -relatively rare and there is growing support that criminal charges should be filed when it does occur. Violence in sports involves the execution of behaviors that cause harm and happen out of the rules and regulations of sports.

The problem of fan violence in the world of athletics can be traced all the way back to the Roman Times and the Colosseum. A bad call here, a horrible result there resulting in fans throwing beer, taking the field in outrage or even going after one another.

PDF | In this article, we examine the proposition that criminal prosecution of sports participants could provide an effective remedy to the problem of sports violence.

Section One surveys the.

An examination of the growing problem of violence in sports
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