Answering essay questions in exams

Do I have a plan? You may draw a blank, run out of time, or find that you neglected an important part of the course in studying for the test. Make an appointment with your TA to discuss these things after the exam.

If you have time to make revisions, do so. Glossary of Essay Exam Terms When taking an exam the first thing you should do is familiarize yourself with Answering essay questions in exams instructions. This may call for the use of examples, definitions, or discussion of the term.

Use the terminology of the course. Is my answer clear to someone who knows nothing about this? In some cases it may call for a detailed plan as well. Discuss the topic in a way that readers are convinced to support or reject the idea discussed. Most essays in political science ask you to make some kind of argument.

Be professional in knowing what type of words to use in a particular topic or subject. Discuss the differences in two or more given subjects. Check to make sure you are answering all parts of the question.

This could be the ease of which it is applied, examples of false findings, etc… Define: Perform a "memory dump. This is done through presentation of facts or the step by step illustration of logical thinking.

Begin with a strong first sentence that states the main idea of your essay. Know what is required of you. Close examination of a problem accompanied by brief comments that explain the main points. Is there irrelevant material? Read the questions and instructions carefully.

Take a few minutes to re-read your essay. Instructors are usually quite adept at detecting student bluffing. Brief but thorough list of information that explains the given topic. You will have to support your argument with evidence, and this may involve memorizing some key events, or the names of theorists, etc.

Everything you include in your answer should help to answer the question and support your thesis. Use the following as a guide when writing answers to discussion questions and as a checklist after you have written your answer.

Go back to your essay outline if you think you are repeating yourself or not making sense at all. Use the rest of your essay to discuss these points in more detail. Do I make clear and sensible transitions between major points?

Did you have to prove an argument? In the days before the exam, you should: Use exact detail to explain a given term. Instead, try the following: Discuss the connection between two or more events, people, problems, etc… Review: Back up your points with specific information, examples, or quotations from your readings and notes Teachers are influenced by compactness, completeness and clarity of an organized answer Writing in the hope that the right answer will somehow turn up is time-consuming and usually futile To know a little and to present that little well is, by and large, superior to knowing much and presenting it poorly--when judged by the grade received.

If you are stuck, you can elaborate on what you do know, as long as it relates to the question. Look at the question from the last exam.Writing a good essay requires synthesis of material that cannot be done in the minutes you have during the exam.

In the days before the exam, you should: Anticipate test questions. 1. Read questions carefully. 2. Mark all key words in questions before answering. 3. Do what the questions ask or what the statements say. 4. If uncertain about a question, check with the instructor before answering. Answering Essay Questions Many instructors use essay exams to evaluate students’ abilities and few tips about what you can do before, during, and after you write an answer to an essay question.

Study Guides and Strategies

Before You Write Before answering any questions, look over all of the questions. Sep 05,  · Answering essay questions on an exam can be difficult and stressful, which can make it hard to provide a good answer.

However, you can improve your ability to answer essay questions by learning how to understand the questions, form an answer, and stay focused%(). Academic Success Center, Oregon State University Tips for Essay Questions on Exams A.

How to Answer Essay Questions – The Ultimate Guide

Writing the Exam 1. Set up a time schedule. If six questions are to be answered in sixty minutes, allow yourself. How to Answer Essay Questions – The Ultimate Guide “I hate essays!” This battle cry is famous to most students.

Here is a great Checklist for answering Essay Questions from Tennessee State University: How to Answer Different Types of Exam Questions. All about Essay Exams. Written by: Brian Stocker MA, Complete Test Preparation Inc.

Answering essay questions in exams
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