Commonality and diversity

So too should the network approach of Castells ; ; ; Castells et. Critical Education in the New Information Age. Nonetheless it appears that a central feature of what we — with increasing difficulty - refer to as a singular modernity is in fact the global-local problematic.

Politics, Identity, Multiculture, pp.


This chapter will give you practical information about how to understand culture, establish relationships with people from cultures different from your own, act as an ally against racism and other forms of discrimination, create organizations in which diverse groups can work together, overcome internalized oppression, and build strong and diverse communities.

Thus to speak of glocalization is meant to ensure that the general discussion of globalization encompasses the cross-cutting dimension of locality along spatial lines.

Evangelical Hermeneutics

Part of the puzzle in this regard can be explained by the strong tendency to consider globalization only as a macroscopic issue, speaking of it as if it were analogous to a massive tidal wave sweeping over our everyday lives whereas it actually involves "real people" in their everyday lives, interactions and geographical movements Robertson and White,as well as the networking of localities.

What kind of struggles between cultures exist? According to Adrienne Alberts, director of talent acquisition, programs and operations with the American Red Cross, organizations with a diverse and inclusive work force: Thomas and Francisco O.

It should be emphasized at this stage that a significant amount of my overall thesis refers to the claim that it is only in "the modem" era that the global-local "puzzle" has arisen.

Diversity Quotes

However, in spite of the rapidly crystallizing sense of cross- or transdisciplinarity occasioned by our recognition of increasing connectivity and of global consciousness — the most generally defining features of globalization e.

People have a difficult time functioning at all when they feel there is no hope for change. There is, then, no small irony in the fact that the emphasis on the protection of the local has been produced in global terms Robertson, As community builders, understanding culture is our business.

Indeed this might well be designated as the primary aspect of long-term globalization — one that has become globally institutionalized in terms of various "league tables" concerning which nation-state is "best" or " worst" in a particular domain — education, sport, social welfare, crime, and so on.

Finding Commonality in Diversity

Here emphasis is placed upon the potential or actual fit between the translocal and the local. It can also include a group we join or become part of. Where can I have the biggest influence? We all love deeply, want to learn, have hopes and dreams, and have experienced pain and fear.10 Ways to Teach Kids About Diversity.

Have your kids ever wondered why people look different, or talk with an accent, or celebrate different holidays? Mighty Mommy has 10 tips on teaching your kids about cultural diversity. By.

Building a Diversity Recruiting Strategy: Emphasize Commonality, Inclusion Over Differences

Cheryl Butler, Mighty Mommy. December 23, Episode # Comparative Cultures. Finding Commonality in Diversity.

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Kinjal Dagli Shah. In an age where accepting and celebrating differences is becoming the norm—even if we are far from achieving that utopian state—I wonder how it would be if we actually focused on how much we all have in common.

There are many benefits associated with developing a diverse work force, but in order to do so, employers must stress what students want—such as commonality and inclusion—and avoid making assumptions that slow or derail efforts.

Although far from the monolith uniformed opinion often takes it to be, evangelicalism represents a distinct and important perspective on the controverted questions of biblical authority and interpretation; and its voice needs to be heard in.

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Video created by University of Copenhagen for the course "Constitutional Struggles in the Muslim World". This week, we move beyond the geographical focus as we try to tie up some of the loose ends and highlight some of the recurring issues we.

Commonality and diversity
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