Comparing the haitian to the french revolution essay

Works Cited Aste, Patricia. In contrast to the similarities between the French Revolution and American Revolutions, the Americans were a colony that rebelled against their own government.

This action certainly parallels the slaughter of the aristocracy in the French Revolution. The American Revolution and French Revolution have differences as well.

In their eyes, they had been equals for a long time.

One way that the Haitian revolution was more enlightened than the French Revolution was in the way that women were treated during and after the revolts. This is yet another difference.

In spite of all the similarities, the American Colonists had uniforms and the French did not. Toussaint Louverture had grown up on a progressive plantation where he learned to read and write and grew up to study African and European cultures.

Some people argue that the French were more rational about their protest methods because the slaves of Haiti based their entire revolt around violence. Sometimes owners of the slaves would make them punish each other in front of their friends and families in order to make a point. This shows in the aftermath of the revolts when the slaves were granted freedom, because men and women of color had gained the same rights.

During the revolution, the slaves worked together towards a common goal of freedom without concerns of gender. While Haitians put gender aside to fight racial hatred, in France the women were fighting with the men against the upperclass and also simultaneously fighting against their own class for social equality.

One of the biggest events that led to the success of the French Revolution was the invasion of Versailles where a huge group of people, mainly women, charged the city going after the Queen. Independent companies have built, contracted, and staffed private prisons in states across Although the French Revolution became very bloody with the Great Terror, there were always people who opposed the violence and the terror only occurred after years of protest had gotten them nowhere.

In France, the third estate, which was composed of the merchants, lawyers, and peasants, wanted a voice in government. In France, the middle class men were still seen as people, just people with less worth than those who were part of the clergy or in the government.

This is significant because the French rebels did not have a navy as the Americans had a navy. For, he perceived a way for the slaves to become free. Comparison of Haitian and French Revolutions Comparison of Haitian and French Revolutions 10 October Racism While there are some major similarities and differences among these two revolts, the Haitian Revolution was more enlightened and fought for a more righteous cause.

While the French middle class was fighting against their government for equal representation and a more fair distribution of wealth, the slaves of Haiti were fighting for their freedom.

The French rebelled against their government in a violent manner, as did the Americans.

Comparison of Haitian and French Revolutions

Both the French and Haitian revolutions were huge turning points for oppressed people in the 18th century.comparing the haitian to the french revolution Essay Haiti, known as Saint-Domingue before the revolution, it was the richest colony in the Americas in Almost half a million slaves toiled on its sugar, coffee, indigo, and cotton plantations.

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Haitian & American Independence Compare/Contrast Essay Sample

12th Grade. 9th Grade. About Me. Compare and Contrast Essay on the French and American Revolutions: This was an essay designed to explain the similarities and differences on the French and American Revolutions.

The French Revolution and. Part II: Compare and Contrast the Revolutions American Revolution vs Haitian Revolution Causes: Enlightenment Ideals Taxation/Social Inequality Overpower/Opportunity Outcomes: Social The French Revolution The Haitian Revolution 2.

The social inequality in France between the First, Second, and Third Estates caused the. comparing the haitian to the french revolution.

Period: 4 Haiti, known ´╗┐French and Haitian Revolution Comparison Introduction The turn of the 19th century was a period of revolutions that brought about drastic impacts and changes to many Western nations.

Herbert Modern European Revolutions Essay # 1 The French Revolution. Comparing the French Revolution and the American Revolution Essay - A revolution is a take over a government and to put another government in its place.

The Revolution began inand America was ready for change, freedom, and. Comparing The Haitian To The French Revolution Haiti, known as Saint-Domingue before the revolution, it was the richest colony in the Americas in Almost half a million slaves toiled on its sugar, coffee, indigo, and cotton plantations.

Comparing the haitian to the french revolution essay
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