Customised fertilizer

Wheat OEMFF from Kynoch is trusted by many farmers and agriculturalists, providing them with an effective fertilizer for their wheat crops. Production Cost is high therefore these are costly fertilizers and not subsidized by Government of India.

Marketing plan for customized fertilizer in your state. Contact Kynoch today to talk to a regional sales consultant or agriculturalist about your specific crop and customised fertiliser blend needs.

Tell us what you need to have done now! Advertising in News paper, Mobile phone sms, Agro Customised fertilizer, K. Segmentation and promotion are big issues in marketing of customized fertilizers.

Customised Fertilizer Blends by Kynoch Fertilizer

Paras fertilizers tested on farmer fields, and at 12 Krishi Vigyaan Kendras by conducting research experiments. Customised Fertilizers are combination of micro nutrients like sulphur, zinc, boron added to the key items such as urea and diammonium phosphate DAP and potash, in a proportion that suits specific crops and soil patterns.

Nowadays, there is a movement towards customised fertilizer blends and more complex fertilizers rather than conventional fertilizer products. These fertilizers are specially designed to contain macro and micro nutrients required by selected crops in specific regions, based on soil, crop and water sample analyses.

The benefits of customised blends from Kynoch There are many benefits to using customised fertilizer blends, which is summed up Customised fertilizer the following: Following are some issues in marketing of customized fertilizers: Product has prepared on the basis of soil testing report and solution offering to the farmers.

Discount on purchased in bulk quantity. There should be healthy competition as subsidy will given by GOI on nutrient basis and integrated use of nutrients with thrust on to avoid indiscriminate and imbalanced used of fertilizer.

The diversity in product mix between producers. Customised fertilizer blends improves the efficiency of fertilizer application, and is often combined with Precision Agriculture methods to supply crops and areas with the required nutrients.

Paras Primary data collection: Western- Central region Primary data collection regarding to soil type, cropping pattern, economic status of farmers, land holding capacity, water testing, etc. Fertilizer will be customised to certain crops, growth stages of the plant and soil demands, providing optimal nutrition at the stage that the plan needs it most.

Customised Fertilizer

Create awareness of these fertilizer through experiences of farmers. Kynoch is a leading producer of fertilizerproviding a wide range of complex, crop specific fertilizers to the agricultural industry in South Africa.

Range of crop specific customised fertilizer blends from Kynoch Kynoch has developed a range of fertilizer products designed to meet the needs of specific crop types. Marketing plan for customized fertilizers in Western-Central Maharashtra: Kynoch is able to supply you with a fertilizer blend that matches your specific nutrient requirements, in accordance with your actual requirements, and governed with very specific rules from the Registrar.

The range of crop specific customised fertiliser blends from Kynoch include: Price is based on nutrient content. Paras applications promote sustainable agriculture by maintaining soil health and providing the best nutritional package for better plant growth and premium quality output. Sunflower OEMFF from Kynoch has been developed to aid in the growth of your sunflower crops, promoting yield potential and plant growth.

Our team of agriculturalists will advise you on the best product for your needs. What is Customized Fertilizer? These fertilizers are not affordable to small farmers. Customized fertilizer is new concept which is firstly introduced by Tata Chemicals Ltd. The mixture is subjected to steam injection, drying, sieving and cooling, so as to get a uniform product with every grain having the same nutrient composition.

Issues in marketing of customized fertilizers Ans: Customised fertilizers help to maximise crop yield, while following fertilizer best management practices to lessen the impact on the environment, prevents harmfulness to human health.

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Awareness of these fertilizers among farmers. Allocation of raw material finish fertilizers. Pasture OEMFF by Kynoch has been developed to meet the nutrient needs of pastures, providing the pastures with the necessary nutrients.The trick to a beautifully lush lawn is the application of the right fertilizer at the right time.

This guide will help you figure out which fertilizer is best for your lawn and when to apply it. Location of the unit where the Customised grade of fertilizer proposed to be manufactured. 3. Annual Turnjover of the company 4. Location/Particular of the Area where the Customised Fertilizer is to be introduced 5.

Soil Fertility Status of the Area. 6. Introduction Season 7. Cropping Pattern of. Fertilizer Properties. Each fertigation fertilizer has characteristic properties that make it different from all others.

Fertilizers are classified into two main groups: Solid fertilizers and liquid fertilizers. In this section you will find the characteristics of each group. Resulting to Yield stagnation and soil degradation Balanced application and efficient response Developing appropriate CF practice Customised Fertilizers: R & D Data Scientific Principles CF practice Tata Soil Water Plant Yield QuEFTS STCR CRK Area & Crop specific Deepak Coromandal Nagarjuna 3.

I do agree customised fertilizer is like tailor made fertilizer source developed for selected crop in a specific region and a defined soil type coupled with water quality.

Fertilizer Custom Blending. T & N Inc. has worked hard over the years to provide commercial quality custom blends for our customers. From sizing to packaging to chemical options, T & N Inc. is continuously upping our standards to bring you the most current .

Customised fertilizer
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