Evaluating stage of graded unit

He mixed pastels heavily with liquid fixative and when he use charcoal and then adds layers of pastels to cover parts of the charcoal.

I looked at the composition of his work individually and took into consideration how important composition would be when developing.

Among a few ideas I had, I carried out three experiments.

My ideas for the next project would be to create something interesting as a team for example it could be a film, image or animation. The whole process was documented, and a couple of letters successfully posted back to me. The main one would be in the finance section.

I had to make some extra time over the next few days and get myself into the college to print them off from there to make sure I would meet the deadline. I did state in my brief that I was planning to document all the experimentations, but it was only at this stage that the documentation itself was to become a piece of artwork to be shown.

I had enough time for the research and planning and developing. Taking some difficulties happened in my personal life during the project; a long-term relationship break-up and redundancy threat from my work, into consideration I must say that lack of quality of time management was hardly avoidable.

I did everything on time I. However, I had only a couple of weeks to develop and practice so that a modification of the original was necessary, and it was a right decision. I also added a press pack into the promotions section as I felt that its a main factor that any artist manager should know about in the industry.

I can review this as a right start, but my only regret is that I could have taken the experimentation more extensively and operated at more places possible.

The project shows movement into one image. If I were to carry the same experimentation again, I may say that I could have stated in the letter a more suggestive instruction so that a person who picked it up could leave some indication to my letter.

I think that the overall look of the portfolio was well presented and neatly put together. At the development stage, my view towards the final artwork was reasonably clear that it was going to be a documentation of experimentations and performances of my ideas.

Looking back at my original plan, I think most of what I said I would be doing was done. Aims and objectives for the project Technically the aims and objectives of the project was to create a piece of digital work and I was hoping to create a good quality photomontage which would clearly show the different body parts when krumping and how the body moves, energy and exaggeration.

I also did not know hoe to put together a gantt chart so gain this could be useful for me in the future when I go in to HND and have to do my graded unit 2.

It would be easy to follow if someone was reading it that had no knowledge of the Industry and that is what I was aiming for. But I was quite determined to include a performance within. Should I acted my time management more effectively, I would have carried it out more extensively to refine the documentation.

As I stated in my brief, I carried out intensive research on artists, relevant artworks, current issues and articles regarding private and public.

There was plenty of time to go over my mistakes and do some finishing touches.Graded Unit Planning Stage Kirsty Lafferty I am currently on placement at the Fred Paton Day Care Centre which is a Centre for elderly service users. My role in the facility is to provide support / assistance when required and to help engage service users in activities that are provided by the staff within the organisation.

Guidance on Graded Units: Using the design principles for Higher National Certificates and Diplomas Publication code: CA stage and are subject to validation. The Qualification Design Team will develop a specification for each Graded Unit — see Appendices 4 and 5.


Free Essays on Hnc Graded Unit Evaluation Stage. Get help with your writing. 1 through Evaluating Stage Of Graded Unit  Graded Unit Development Stage This is the second stage of the three essays involved in the graded unitThis stage is the development mint-body.com essay will apply practice and perspectives to the fulfilment of the aims and objectives of the chosen activity and will relate back to the planning mint-body.com will show.

Graded Unit - Evaluation Stage Effectiveness Of The Plan A highly effective area of the plan included the questionnaire. Although hard to conduct it yielded strong, interesting results making it a good choice.

Another good sources of information were the internet research and library material. Not so effective areas of the plan included the focus group. Jul 11,  · Evaluation for my Graded Unit Project ’ June My Graded unit project, ‘Private + Public’ set off well with a great inspiration I received from a lecturer, Ray McKenzie, from Glasgow College of Art who gave a presentation about public space and Art at an art event called ‘How Not To Cook Book’.

Evaluating stage of graded unit
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