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Development of this disorder. Early intervention of possible suicide ideations would reduce the likelihood of David developing suicidal potential. Inattentiveness manifests through failure to follow or focus on tasks and exhibiting disorganization American Psychiatric Association, She views herself as worthless and fake to the general public and fears people will not like her if they learn who she is.

Becky exhibits increasing self-harm techniques and has admitted to impulsive behavior and major mood swings. She also deals with a personal internal conflict which manifests through self-mutilation. It seems at this point; the self-mutilation has increased even with treatment implying Becky is in need of intensive therapeutic services.

Students are able to explore the diagnostic processes, improve their understanding of clinical practice, and gain experience documenting their findings in a case study report project. David has not experienced consequences for his behaviors, instead his mother just accepted whatever he did.

Another long-term goal is to complete college and secure employment where she feels she does not have to mask herself. Becky claims her manipulative mother is the root of her problem established through therapy.

What cross-cultural issues, if any, affect the differential diagnosis? Becky shared that she did not receive the love and attention she needed in childhood. Which therapeutic strategy seems the most appropriate in this case?

The pauses imply that she had to think about a response, at some points, she paused for an extended period which seemed as if she was fabricating a scenario or thought.

The attacks are triggers for self-mutilation which in turn brings feelings of relief, but also emptiness and worthlessness. Becky did not disclose any medical conditions that may contribute to the development of her disorder. In your opinion, what are the appropriate long-term goals of this intervention?

Becky is a year-old college student who lives with her father, who was diagnosed with muscular dystrophy when she was three, in a one-bedroom apartment and sleeps in the dining room. However, other times she was clear and concise right to the point, leading one to believe she was speaking truth.

David plays several hours of video games implicating that a video game can hold his attention. However, he married her best friend.

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According to the interview, ADHD occurs in about five percent of the population and although it occurs across all cultures, it is most prevalent in the United States McGraw Hill Higher Education, Becky also needs to learn that she is worthy of positive relationships and should be treated as if she has a place in the world.

Her mother discussed in detail the sexual abuse her sisters endured from their father when Becky was a young child of 5 years. Additionally, talk therapy should be utilized to resolve the issues between Becky and her family. Additionally, the violent altercations between her and her family members also support this feature of the DSM.

Symptoms or behaviors that are inconsistent with the diagnosis. Diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders 5th ed.

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It is important for Becky to acknowledge and work through these issues to achieve peace with her past and move on to live in the present. Reversing the pessimism brings about a positive change necessary for Becky to establish a successful and independent life.

She now uses the technique as a way to punish herself for irrational behavior.


She rarely made eye contact specifically during the pauses; rather her eyes wandered, and she talked to the side. He claims to have a girlfriend he enjoys spending time with her. Her first experience of cutting came about when she was left home alone for the weekend in the home she shared with a roommate.

It was noted her thoughts remained mostly consistent and attentive to the question at hand.Aug 21,  · Case Study: Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder August 21, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) Faces of Abnormal Psychology Interactive [Multimedia].

Retrieved from McGraw Hill Higher Education, Maladaptive Behavior & Psychopathology | FP A01 website. Connect for Abnormal Psychology includes the only adaptive reading experience on the market, McGraw-Hill Education SmartBook(TM), as well as new Interactive Case Studies and the Faces of Abnormal Psychology video program/5().

Connect for Abnormal Psychology includes the only adaptive reading experience on the market, McGraw-Hill Education SmartBook™, as well as new Interactive Case Studies and the Faces of Abnormal Psychology video mint-body.com: $ We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us.

Connect for Nolen-Hoeksema, Abnormal Psychology, 6e Faces Interactive is a unique assignable and assessable digital learning environment that provides students with an opportunity to observe real people through a series of case studies on 12 different psychological disorders.

Students are able to explore the diagnostic processes, improve. Abnormal Psychology blends traditional content with interactive and multimedia content and online tools and resources to provide a contemporary, appealing learning experience.

This program offers the flexibility to implement any course format—whether it be face-to-face, a hybrid/blended learning environment, or an online class.

Faces of abnormal psychology interactive
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