First amendment essay questions and answers

Please discuss the First Amendment issues raised by the criminal charges and civil lawsuit brought against Westboro Baptist members. The notice came as no surprise.

None of those categories is involved in the posting of images of Mohammad. Another ordinance drafted by a second councilman would ban certain forms of residential picketing: Specifically, they believe that certain required readings promote secular humanism and undermine the religious beliefs of their children.

The park contains no other monuments. Chief Tolvesrud charged the group with: Could the city refuse to allow the Mrs.

It depends on the value of the speech. Corky Ra, founder of Summum, claims to have had a series of telepathic encounters with divine beings called Summa Individuals. So, for those who were curious, there it is.

One month later, the Benson family filed suit against Phelps.

From these encounters, Corky learned the Seven Aphorisms which became the basis for Summum teachings. Bogwon Bob teaches that clothes are an unfortunate manifestation of our self-pride and materialistic ways.

They complain that Harry Potter books required in the seventh-grade favorably portray witchcraft. Because the words "clear and present danger" and "grave harm" are not self-defining, there is a some plasticity in this standard. As a general rule, the Court has held that the government can restrict speech on the basis of its message in only two circumstances: A dozen or so Summum followers respond by moving into the park, spending nights in sleeping bags.

An eight-foot in diameter official seal was placed on the Town Hall, directly above the main public entry to the building.

The Fundamentalist parents wonder whether the required readings violate either the Establishment Clause or the Free Exercise Clause. Most of the members of SIM are religious conservatives, motivated by their belief that the Bible declares both marriage to be a holy institution and homosexuality to be an abomination.

First Amendment Questions and Answers

Essay Problem 6 Summum monument proposed for Pleasant Grove park InPleasant Grove City, Utah allowed the Fraternal Order of Eagles to place an seven-foot high stone monument enscribed with the Ten Commandments on a grassy area in a town park. The park contains no other monuments.

Does the government have to close all of our embassies in Muslim nations rather than prohibit this expression? Certainly, it is not the freedom to say anything, at any time, at any place, in any manner. This prohibition shall apply to protests within yards of any such place where the marriage ceremony is performed.

The Hall Gallery is open to the public from 8 to 5 every day, and no admission is charged. Consider possible defenses for Westboro, including whether they might have a Free Exercise claim.

Chief Tolvesrud charged the group with: He immediately showed up in the office of WISU President Zygmunt Pedigree, threatening to terminate his support for the university unless the painting was removed from the gallery.

Finally, they complain that biographies required in a tenth-grade history class promote feminism and the notion that women should find work outside the home.

Wearing clothes, according to another council member, "is just plain immoral". Fields Company to install in the park its proposed monument extolling the virtues of chocolate chip cookies? Stone In the comments to my previous post "A First Amendment Exam Question"many people wondered about the "right" answer.

You have been asked to evaluate the constitutionality of the two proposed ordinances and to suggest changes, if necessary, that would increase the probability that the ordinance might pass constitutional muster. Should the government be allowed to punish a speaker who knowingly create a "clear and present danger of grave harm" only if she both specifically intended to cause that result and expressly advocated it?

What do you tell them?

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Given the circumstances, it certainly created a very high likelihood that very serious harm would occur very quickly.Answers to Student Questions Cake Picture Fall Review - Part One - Review of Categories of Speech List of United States Supreme Court Cases Involving the First Amendment (Wikipedia) First Amendment Materials in Exploring Constitutional Law by Professor Doug Linder First Amendment Rights > Home Page; Constitutional Law.

The Student Press Law Center is a non-profit organization that aims to protect the freedom of the press for student journalists. Located in Washington, D.C. Understand better what you’re learning in First Amendment or Constitutional Law class and prepare effectively for exams by applying concepts as you learn them.

This study guide includes over multiple-choice and short-answer questions arranged topically for ease of use during the semester, plus an additional set of questions comprising a. Free first amendment papers, essays, and research papers.

My Account. Your search returned over Questions and Answers - U.S. Constitution 1. Explain prior restraints, defamation, and sedition of the freedom of freedom of speech and freedom of the press Freedom of speech in United states are usually protected by the constitution, the.

Essay Problem First Amendment Law (an actual newspaper story from 11/30/), then answer the following questions. Your answers should appear in your bluebook in the same order as the questions below. a violation of the First Amendment? The ordinance prohibits any resident from keeping on his or her property a lighting.

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First amendment essay questions and answers
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