Giles reflective writing and the revision process

What that meant to me was to know all of facts pertaining to my topic and the possible retaliation of critiques from the opposite side.

What could be the effect s of sharing this idea with readers? If not, can you at least point them out? This strategy of directly speaking to the reader during the essay was something that I had never tried before. What is distinctive about this piece?

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Topics in Volume 1 of the series include academic writing, how to interpret writing assignments, motives for writing, rhetorical analysis, revision, invention, writing centers, argumentation, narrative, reflective writing, Wikipedia, patchwriting, collaboration, and genres.

Why or why not? I find it easier for myself to write a paper based off of the abundance of sources that is relevant and supportive of my topic.

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Is it clear that all of the ideas belong in the same piece? A statement of where the text is in the process of development. Are these readers best able to address or think about the issues raised? Is this really what I want it to say? In a previous urban study paper, I implemented analytical skills from Writing 39B in order to convince the politicians that the matter I am addressing is imminent and should be a priority.

My final essay for this class, on the status of global fossil fuel usage in the world today, was I think, by far my most advanced work of writing ever. It helps in describing and explaining certain events that the researcher may have not witnessed.

The second essay was the most difficult for me of the three. In each chapter, authors present their unique views, insights, and strategies for writing by addressing the undergraduate reader directly. Browse hundreds of Prewriting tutors. A script is used as a reference in the interview and show the researcher what needs to happen from beginning to end.

What makes you think this is the most important idea? Consent for the interview should always be granted by the interviewee because the interview will be used for a study and they might not agree to it.

What do you have to change about the text to include the new writing? An example of this is my analysis of the longer block quote in my third paper; I do not believe I properly understood how to do this prior to this class Sullivan 2.

Is this the best way to get it to say that? A sense of the revision strategies you have already tried. Now write, using the hot spot as a new first sentence or paragraph.

It should include the following information: Whom does the piece address? The three essays that I wrote for this class really challenged me to improve my writing.

First determine what the paragraph says. After writing the Historical Conversations Project and the Advocacy Project, I looked back to my Self-Assessment assignment from the beginning of this course and I immediately felt more intellectually mature. Before you can start to do anything however, a researcher must find a topic that they find interesting.

If not, what makes you think that readers will be inclined to accept them? How can the writer show that the position in this piece is more appropriate or useful or just plain right than others? In conclusion, I had a very positive experience with this class.Aug 28,  · by Sandra L. Giles has given me a different view on reflective writing and the revision process.

One thing I do want to bring up was the mention of a cover letter when a person is typing an essay. This to me was unheard of until now. Giles explained, “This will be a sort of cover letter for your essay.

This is a reflection of my writing for the semester to be included in a final portfolio. I would only like suggests on improving spelling, grammar and mechanics in this essay. Thanks. I feel that the College Writing course benefited my ability as a writer.

It increased my. In her article Reflective Writing and the Revision Process: What Were You Thinking?, Sandra L. Giles shares her experiences with Reflective writing, and what it means to her, as well as how it help her with the revision also shows her ways of helping her students learn from their reflective essays and use what they learn to help revise their papers.

Sep 06,  · How to Revise a Piece of Writing. Revision is the process of reviewing, analyzing, editing, and proofreading written work to improve its quality. Learning how to revise writing is an important skill for students, writers, business Views: 42K.

This essay explains to students that reflective writing involves their thinking about their own thinking. They may be asked to reflect about their audience and purpose for a piece of writing. They may write about their invention, drafting, revision, and editing processes.

"Revising Rhetorically" (FYCG ) and "Reflective Writing" (Giles) EH | 7 Sep Revising Rhetorically * Revision is part of the writing process.

Giles reflective writing and the revision process
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