How to curb exam malpracise

The school counsellors with effective study techniques can provide educational counselling for all students, with particulars concentration on those with problems of effective understanding. A panel of enquiry, set up by the Federal Government to investigate the examination leakage, recommended sanction on WAEC officials who were involved in the malpractice, shedding of WAEC workload and use of continuous assessment as a factor for award of certificate.

Government needs to take serious action to stop a further fall in the standard of our education. Students then were always determined to burn their midnight candles for any examination while their parents were ready to provide all available modalities for their children to pass their examinations without qualms.

Inthe Federal Ministry of Education blacklisted and derecognized secondary schools across the nation as centres for conducting public examination from to For instance, in6.

How To Stop Exam Malpractice

It has become a prolific business enterprise branded with the name of private examination centers aided and abetted by corrupt examination officials, supported by parents who will not allow their children to be left out from the Trojan gift of malpractice.

Some of the measures adopted by the govermnents are as follows: If the right thing is done, the right result will be achieved. After some critical examination of the reasons why people engage in malpractice, I came to discover that parents, government, employers and other regulations and examination bodies are to be blamed.

Yes, most of these private schools are in the business of examination malpractice, because of the stiff competition of getting students to enroll in their schools, the proprietors of these schools go extra length to ensure their students pass examination.

Examination diets of WAEC in the country. It could be oral or written, essay or objective type, theory or practical constitutes an integral part of the education process. A test of capacity and knowledge. Five, poor educational facilities in our public and private schools in Nigeria. The situation is so bad that even teachers, lecturers are caught in this act of examination malpractices.

This percentage rose again to 9.

Maduka defined examination as a way to ascertain how much of a subject matter in a particular field of study the candidate has mastered. Some examination being too difficult and poorly moderated before and after examination i Over emphasis on certificates and paper qualification ii Lack of preparation for examination by students.

Supervisors colluding with teachers, school principals or students by allowing teachers to come around to teach the students during examination period, lecturers or teachers releasing question papers or giving underserved marks or allowing students to illegally re-take examination papers.

Any breach of any of the regulation as is promptly sanctioned. Schools need to conduct examinations as yardstick for assessment. In addition, it discredits certificates issued by national examination bodies and institutions of higher learning and the nation as a whole.

Question papers are collected by supervisors in locked security bags to which they have no keys.

Some private schools are also engaging in examination malpractices for their schools to remain the best among all. Entire results cancelled 30, 28, 30, 50, 31, 16, 2.

The numerous examination malpractice among secondary school students in Agidingbi Local Government over the years have become a growing concern since cheating is such a longstanding and global problem inherent by human beings.

It is patently cleared from the survey that the problem of examination malpractice has proved highly intractable. Because they are poorly prepared for the examination they may see little alternative to malpractice.

In Nigeria, education has been adopted as an instrument for national development.

How to Curb Exam Malpracise

All children are born with a running start on the path to moral development. Moreover, the few honest learners in schools may feel cheated if the trend of examination malpractice means is unchecked.

Tweet on Twitter As a result of over-emphasis on paper qualification, examination cheating has become the vogue. It makes students to have more drive for certificates than acquiring knowledge. This will affect national development adversely. Examination malpractice brings about low productivity among students 3.

The council has developed security regulations which are reviewed periodically and made available to officers for proper guidance.EXAMINATION MALPRACTICES, CAUSES, EFFECTS AND SOLUTIONS. BY: DR. MALAMI UMAR TAMBAWAL, MCASSON, LPCN, CCN, MNISEP, PEN Department of Educational Foundation, Faculty of Education of Education & Extension Services.

Usmanu Danfodiyo University, Sokoto. BEING A PAPER PRESENTED AT THE STAKE HOLDERS FORUM. Use Of Technology To Curb Examination Malpractices Information Technology Essay. Print Reference this staff and other external agents before, during and even after examinations.

Many strategies applied to curb examination malpractices within the university system tend to be ineffective.

How To Curb Examination Malpractices In Nigeria by Godday Odidi

Verification from Integrated Exam System through. place measures to curb examination irregularities and ensure the credibility of national examinations and certif- icates are maintained.

The climax in cheating and exam leakages by use of technology in the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Educa. How to Curb Exam Malpracise. 10 October Education; In this research work, a sample of twenty (20) teachers and one hundred () students were collected by means of simple random sampling techniques from five secondary schools in Agidngbi Local Government.

The research instrument used for the study was the teacher’s and student’s. Exam Malpractice: Stumbling Block to Educational Development. By. Nasiru Suleiman. [email protected] EDUCATION in Nigeria has suffered so many setbacks ranging from poor or inadequate funding, lack of qualified personnel, poor policies, wrong curriculum, inadequate infrastructure and so many others.

How To Stop Exam Malpractice. By admin - July 1, 0. Share on Facebook. Tweet on Twitter. As a result of over-emphasis on paper qualification, examination cheating has become the vogue. Our children prefer enjoying themselves at the expense of their studies. Because they are unsure of their ability to pass examinations, they resort.

How to curb exam malpracise
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