How to deal with certain types of authority

Abuse of Authority in the Workplace

It is related to a specific position a person holds and his personal characteristics are ignored against his authority, even if a position becomes vacant in the organization, but still it remains attached to that position.

Every manager possessed some Types of Authority according to his designated position.

Authority Definition – Types of Authority in Management

Often, companies have written codes of conduct in place that include who you should report to and how you should do it.

The subordinate work is directed by the line manager. Group Discussion What types of authority are represented? The line manager is also responsible for accomplishment of the organizational objectives.

In the absence of a special unit that deals with this kind of problem, contact Human Resources. Evaluation and Follow-Up Get feedback from group about the program. Consider what was and was not effective with the kids and record for future reference.

It takes the form of employer-employee relationship that moves from top to bottom. Favoritism Unreasonable and arbitrary demands on subordinates Suggestive or threatening sexual behavior Discrimination based on sexual orientation, racial and ethnic identity or age Financial malfeasance Requiring employees to perform personal tasks Verbal intimidation Where Do You Draw the Line?

Plan and inform fellow leaders about discussion time. The line manager specifies the qualifications required from the upcoming employees for certain positions in the organization. What you do next depends on your particular workplace. If someone uses authority illegitimately, can and should they still be considered an authority?

The first thing you should do when you realize the abuse is serious is to keep a written record of every instance. Is it a bit rude or is it really troubling?

How do you think your teachers and parents became the type of authorities they are? HR managers fall in the category of staff managers.

The following week, ask the group if they saw their parents and teachers from a different perspective. The authority was delegated from top to bottom of the organizational hierarchy. Did anyone do anything to help parents and teachers become better authorities? Certain decisions are made by the line manager without consulting any other person.

Get them in talkative mood. Authority Helping Young People Deal With Authority Figures To help young people distinguish and deal with authority figures who use their influence both legitimately and illegitimately.

How would you handle this with those you encounter? How did they learn to be authorities? Whenever possible, keep track of witnesses. State deadlines may differ.

Summary Discuss how authority is used legitimately and illegitimately. Edit language if you desire.Aug 08,  · If you're certain that your company is not dealing with the problem, report the problem to the appropriate state or federal agency. For instance, in California, you report the problem to either the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing (DFEH) or to the federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC).

Children with ODD show a pattern of stubbornness, aversion to authority, and frequently test parents, teachers limits, even in early childhood.

Oppositional Defiant Disorder: Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD) is defined as a childhood disorder characterized by negative, defiant, disobedient and. Discuss how authority is used legitimately and illegitimately.

Consider authority figures your group encounters and discuss how they are perceived. Prepare to discuss appropriate music or videos.

Review “The Breakfast Club” and record approximately minutes of segments dealing with authority figures. Difficulty dealing with authority figures is a common reason people enter counseling, and it shows up in several characteristic ways.

Some go from job to job because they can't handle a boss. This pattern is usually repeated in their dealings with others "in authority" (e.g. doctor, police officer, maitre'd). Reading: Types of Authority.

In this type of authority, power is vested in a particular rationale, system, or ideology and not necessarily in the person who implements the specifics of that doctrine. A nation that follows a constitution applies this type of authority. On a smaller scale, you might encounter rational-legal authority in the.

Authority is linked with ordering someone, & making certain decisions to direct the work of others. The subordinate work is directed by the line manager.

On the other hand staff managers assist line managers in achieving their basic objectives.

How to deal with certain types of authority
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