Human resources development in nigeria local

It therefore Human resources development in nigeria local to avoid managerial obsolesce. According to Richard L. It produces and controls other factors of production and requires thoughtful provision, utilization and preservation. Training reduces turnover rate, by instilling confidence in the employ.

Human resources management in the local government system in Nigeria

In-service training is education for employee to help them develop their skills in a specific discipline or occupation. Stage advanced Diploma in local government.

Awarding scholarships to suitable officers to train in England, including attachment to British local government councils. The above definition is not out of place hence many scholar approach the definition in different perspective.

This abnormality actually informed the researcher the need to embark on this project to create awareness are regards in-service training and development. The main focus of this study if find out the impact of in-service training and human resources in Njikoka local government commission.

Lack of in-services training has adversely affected the job performance of workers in Njikoka local government. It is also important to note that in-service training will be the most urgent consideration in accepting and implementing this researcher work. Finally, the work would highlight the effect of human resources training and development on workers productivity to the administrators of various ministries in the local government who do not give service attention on training and development of human resources 1.

Niger experience Maryland published Enugu. Finance, time, lack of adequate cooperation from the respondents and logistics where some of the problem the researcher faced in the cause of this study.

Similarly, the word in-service training is used with as a synonym for education is restricted sense of learning behaviour which is usually capable of precise definition.

It will help the Njikoka local government in general and local government commission in particular to appreciate the importance of human resource training to worker productivity. Also, the conference afforded the opportunity to constitute national working committee on local government in-service training changed to: However, the geographical area covered by the study is Njikoka local government commission.

For instance, the type of in-service programmes available in the local government federation is similar to that which is obtain in Njikoka local government and establishment.

Management foundation, George G. His reason was supported by Beach Dales who said that on the job training is most appropriate for teaching knowledge and skills that can be learned relatively Short time, a few days to several weeks and when only one or at most a very few employees must be trained at the same time for the job.

Njikoka local government area in Anambra state of Nigeria is one of the 17 local government in Anambra state. According to Emma O. This gives rise to congruence and consequently everyone pulls in the same direction, coordination becomes easy.

In-service is described as a change agent, ie; its purpose is to effect a change in knowledge, skill and attitude. Stage I certificate in local government.

Every human activity has its inherent weakness and strengths. This aims all inculcating in employees, the skills of supervisor, controlling and training others some methods of supervisory training are conferences lectures, on-the-job supervisory training, under study supervisory training and the job rotational supervisory training.

Human Resources Training And Development – Impact On Workers Productivity

The local government is located south east of the country. The committee recommended four stages of in-service training as follows: In-service training is given to now employees so that they can quickly become part of the organization and start contributing meaningfully to its success.

In all, there has been a diversified scope of in-service training for local government workers relative to what they were about three decades ago. The emphasis then was on the production of administrator with generalist orientation as it was then assumed that administration is the art and could be best learnt on the job.

On the hand, development is concerned with changes in the distribution of national goods and service and in the nature of social relations. The researcher therefore focused on training as a corrective strategy of in-service training in Nigeria local government.

According to Nwachukwu productivity is all the aspect of all training programmes. It has as its main aim the development of supervisory employees above and beyond their immediate requirement on the job and effective improvement of managers.

While the university of Nigeria, Nsukka serves the nees of 86 local government in Anambra, Enugu, Imo, Abia, Ebonyi, Rivers, Cross River, Akwa Ibom and Renue state, the Obafemi Awolwo university caters for 90 local government in six western states Ahamdu Bellow university, Zaria responsible for training the staff of on local governments in the eight northern states.commitment to the development of human capital is consistent with the saying of an ancient of recruitment connotes that the best candidates from each zone, state or local government is Management of Human Resources in Nigeria.

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Human Capital Development: Nigeria's Greatest Challenge “Human resources constitute the ultimate basis for the wealth of nations.

Another problem of human capital development in Nigeria. Get this from a library!

Human resources management in the local government system in Nigeria. [E O Ezeani; B C Nwankwo;]. The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) is the world’s largest HR professional society, representingmembers in more than countries.

Resources & Tools. Resources & Tools. Human Resource Management Practices in Nigeria Sola Fajana Other writers such as Legge () have focused on the soft and hard approach to managing human resources.

All these development. Nigeria’s democracy has enhanced the practice of HRM, determining the quota of expatriates it permits. Human Resources Training And Development – Impact On Workers Productivity One of the main objectives of any organization is to provide goods and services to the general public.

Organization performs these all important role through the prefer utilization men and material/resources available within the organization.

Human resources development in nigeria local
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