Neil mckenty writing a cover

Penfield and his family had been members of the Shawbridge Club since I was presented with a birthday cake and a rousing chorus of three score years and ten.

There was an air of anticipation. The fieldstone fireplace A young man, sporting a McGill blazer, walked over to the floor-model Marconi radio and turned the dials, so high the little children of the Club members had to stretch to reach them.

I felt connected in a way I had never felt connected before to these people who were my friends. Click on the picture for more information about this venerable club. The members crowded close to hear.

And then I thought, with Catharine smiling beside me, the best is yet to be. To find out more about the Laurentian Lodge Club, click here. I laughed, and it was a genuine laugh.

Neil wrote the following about another special occasion at the Laurentian Lodge Club: The Lines Are Still Blazing — click on the cover below to find out more about this newly-published book.

He called in his clear, high voice and the young and the strong came flocking after him to discover the cold, white beauty of the North. Word had gone round that a special announcement, somehow related to the club, was presently to be made by Buckingham Palace. As I sat there in the dancing light of the fireplace and happy sounds of singing, I thought of all the people including my family and the Jesuits and my friends who had helped me on this journey.

There were cheers, toasts and congratulations all around. In some measure I had become real. One of them was smoking his pipe, a tall man in a grey herringbone suit over a red vest, a Princeton pin in his lapel.

I was comfortable in my own skin. Outside the frosted windows, the moonlight was glittering on the fresh snowfall; inside, a roaring fire flamed up the chimney of the large stone fireplace.

A keen skier himself, Dr. Get a move on. I thought of how God does indeed write straight with crooked lines. There was a crackle of static before the news came on. The members, out of their snowy ski togs and dressed to the nines, were sipping their pre-dinner drinks in the comfortable lounge, beside the Christmas tree and the blazing fieldstone fireplace.

Clare Hallward and I will be heading up north to celebrate this special event where old traditions continue.The above is an extract from McKenty Live! The Lines Are Still Blazing – click on the cover below to find out more about this newly-published book.

Like this. The mission of the Thomas More Institute is to provide imaginative, lifelong learning to curious adults. appeal from June 1, – May 31,and those who contributed in memory of the late John Hallward, Mary McAsey, Neil McKenty, Kathleen O’Connor, and Mary Parfitt.

In S.S. Van Dine wrote “Twenty Rules for Writing. The Inside Stay: Journey of a Former Jesuit Priest and Talk Show Host Towards Self-Discovery by McKenty, Neil and a great selection of similar Used, New and Collectible Books available now at.

In The Stillness Dancing: The Life of Father John Main [Neil Mckenty] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A biography of the founder of the Benedictine Priory and Meditation Center of Montreal, from his career as a lawyer with the British Colonial Service until his death in Very minimal writing or notations in margins.

Neil McKenty paints an attractive portrait of this compelling Irish monk whose teaching and writing on meditation were to transform the lives of thousands of men and women.

Explore Bestsellers. Posts about Laurentian Lodge Club written by bluemoosebicycle. Exchange. Neil wrote the following about another special occasion at the Laurentian Lodge Club: It was my birthday, New Year’s Eveabout six months after my depression had lifted for good and the happiest summer of my life.

The above is an extract from McKenty Live!

Neil mckenty writing a cover
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