Service blueprint for the 100 yen sushi house operation

Their tasks are tightly interrelated and everyone rushes to a problem spot to prevent the cascading effect of the problem throughout the work process. Are they linked to the comments of others? The name of the case should be on the first page of the text with your names, date, and course number.

To pursue the course objectives most effectively you will be asked to accomplish the following: The Walk-through-Audit WtA Project involves the selection of a service in which you prepare an audit questionnaire used by management to evaluate the service from the perspective of a customer an example museum WtA can be found on pages in the text.

At a minimum the proposed service design should address all the elements in the service concept, include information on the target market, identify the competitive strategy, and include a financial analysis of the economic viability.

A project proposal is due for approval by September 20 with a first draft to be reviewed by October The Yen Sushi house service deliveries can be adopted in other services area which focuses repetitive type of processes. It represents another competitive advantage of Yen.

The sushi itself is treated as an assembly line product with each chef adding their own unique touches. Each plate cost s yen. The absence of walls of inventory allows the owner and workers to be involved in the total operation, from greeting the customer to serving what is ordered.

How has the Yen Sushi House incorporated the just- in-time system into its operation? Criteria for measuring the effectiveness of leading a case discussion include: The sushi chefs are in close proximity to each other so they share equipment and their tasks also are highly interrelated.

The store uses the just in time inventory control system, they have an agreement with the fish vendors to deliver fresh fish several times a day so their products arrive just in time to be used for sushi making.

Each team will be responsible for leading one case discussion and preparing two written case assignments. A short service case similar to those found at the end of the chapters in the text could prove valuable for future class discussion.

Rabindra Silwal Submitted By: Prepare a service blueprint for the Yen Sushi House operations. The cooks can prepare the products according to the sales. Four sushi chefs work inside the bar to produce each yen plate of sushi.[pic] Yen Sushi House Blueprint Special production-line approach to food preparation and service is one of Yen’s main differentiating features.

The customers of Yen can be regarded as an important part of production line. 1. Service blue print for the Yen Sushi House operation Janet Antoine Felix Anduray Venel Geneus Prepare a service blueprint for the Yen Sushi House. 2. Why isn't Caruso's express delivery operation profitable?


New Service Development and Process Design - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

How great is the threat of a competitive response to Caruso's implementation of express delivery or. Bajeko Sekuwa etc. Answer: The Yen Sushi house service deliveries can be adopted in other services area which focuses repetitive type of summary.

fast-food. by Heizer & Render) and www. So, here are the best yen sushi restaurants.

100 Yen Sushi House

You can try unique sushi and other dishes which can not be found in the regular sushi restaurants. Moreover, the atmosphere in them is a lot more relaxed, so you can easily enjoy it with your family without being scared of making too much noise!

Service Management (7th Edition) View more editions Solutions for Chapter Problem 2C Problem 2C: What features of the Yen Sushi House service delivery system differentiate it from the competition, and what competitive advantages do they offer?

Service blueprint for the 100 yen sushi house operation
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