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A new portable household electrical fish dryer of 10 kg capacity was designed and fabricated with a provision for solar power.

The maximum yield was Ready to eat thermally processed jackfruit seed and dry prawn curry was standardised in polypropylene containers. Multifunctional nano metal Tcs fv mixtures, comprising of iron oxide, titanium oxide and cerium oxide provided as coating over boat building steel BISshowed improved electrochemical properties and surface morphology.

Experimental operations were carried out using the squillabycatch reduction devices BRDs. With a sample size of 55 girls the haemoglobin level increased from 9 to 14 in one month Recovery of protein from shrimp head waste was optimized by response surface methodology.

And thus, the quality of chitin and chitosan has been improved. The product is commercially sterile and bio-chemically safe up to 8 months storage Optimized process parameters viz: B vitamins encapsulated with chitosan derivatives showed good cardio protection in albino rats.

Methodology for supercritical fluid extraction of healthcare important phenolics and sulphated polysaccharides from sea weed was perfected using RSM model.

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Swimming exercise in rats confirmed its efficacy to be used as an energy giving nutraceutical. For preparing chitin and chitosan with reduced amount of NaOH, a modified process method was developed to remove protein from the shell used. Fourteen national training programmesorganisedfor participants, and participated in 14 exhibitions.

Triplex PCR was developed for the identification of coagulase positive methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureusfrom seafood with MecA, fem A and Staph genus specific primers. Developed pangasius fish sausage fortified with dietary fibre from red, brown and green seaweeds.

Initial testing has been completed and the dryer can be used for household or micro-scale fish drying with low capital investment. The total process time in ml container was 44 minutes to reach F0 value of 8.

The institute started functioning at Cochin in Ammonia oxidising bacteria isolated from aquatic samples were identified as Psuedomonasaeruginosa and Aeromonas spp. To address the problem of sodium benzoate adulteration in fresh fish, specific and sensitive standard operating procedure was developed for quantification of sodium benzoate in fresh fish by shing spiked samples of cultured chanoschanos and Quantification was performed using matrix-matched calibration and solvent calibration.

L50 values for these grids with 22, 25 and 30 mm openings were worked out for Parapenaeopsisstylifera and Metapenaeusmonocerosby in-situ experiments. Optimized the dietary fibre extraction process from three seaweeds namely G.Tata Consultancy Services Ltd., incorporated in the yearis a Large Cap company (having a market cap of Rs Crore) operating in Information Technology sector.

Tata Consultancy Services Ltd.

Tata Consultancy Services Limited (TCS) BuyBack June 2018

key Products/Revenue Segments include Information Technology & Consultancy Services which contributed Rs Crore to Sales Value ( % of Total Sales)for the year ending Mar. Our TCS AL valves make your bike look cooler, so you should buy them. They also shed grams, come in catchy anodized red, orange, green, black, or blue, and are available in.

Explore PIN for FREE on Price, Holdings, Charts, Technicals, Fact Sheet, News, and more. (ii) Tata Consultancy Services Limited (TCS) is engaged in providing information technology (IT) services, digital and business solutions.

The Company’s segments include banking, finance and insurance. De producten (ophang- en bevestigingssystemen) van Sikla Nederland zijn geschikt voor o.a. klimaattechniek, verwarmingsinstallaties en sprinklerinstallaties.

Rejection of TDS/TCS statements - Common errors and course of action Entities (both corporate and non-corporate deductors) making payments (specified under Income Tax Act) to third parties (deductees) are required to deduct tax at source (Tax Deducted at Source -TDS) from these payments and deposit the same at any of the designated branches of.

Tcs fv
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