The use of tattoos among women who have undergone mastectomy

And I try to make sure [my patients] understand that -- that they have those choices. The Problem with National Breast Cancer Awareness Month "I think that, generally, 80 percent of my husband is perfectly fine with my decision.

'My tattoo art helps women feel beautiful after breast cancer'

She decided to have a three-part double mastectomy with nipple reconstruction last year at the age of 24, about 10 years before the age at which her mother who passed away in had been diagnosed.

They are all warriors.

4 Women Show the Reality of Their Mastectomies in Stunning Photos

Erika decided to get tested herself inwhen she was around the same age her mother had been at her diagnosis. Tattoos create huge wounds, so your body and immune system will need some time to recover after your mastectomy before confronting a healing tattoo.

Melanie Testa used to be one of those women -- until she was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer in January Doctors need to start trusting that their patients know what they want.

Before you consider getting a mastectomy tattoo, ensure your body can handle it. If you or a loved one needs breast surgery as part of cancer treatmentyou can read our Mastectomy Guide for more information.

The tattoos that turn breast cancer surgery scars into works of art

Consult your doctor or medical professional for advice. Why did I make this decision? Often these women have to undergo radiation after the mastectomy. Melanie Testa, 46, was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer in January and underwent chemotherapy to reduce the size of her tumor prior to her mastectomy.

Among participants under 40, the spike was even more pronounced: It was the best option I had. She had the fibroadenoma a non-cancerous tumor removed but found another one not too long afterward. Talking about why he loves creating mastectomy tattoos, he said: The tattoo changed my mastectomy scar into my shield.

Should I get a mastectomy tattoo? Two months later, she was sitting in a waiting room alone, waiting for her mother to wake up from a hysterectomy, when she got a phone call; Carol had the BRCA1 genetic mutation. After her tattoo was complete, she said: We both mourn the loss of my breasts, and there has been a period of time where he was in deep mourning for my breasts, and we are just about coming out on the other side of that.

A Secret History of Women and Tattoo. Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you. One is close surveillance, and the other is surgery.In Celebration of a Scar: 25 Amazing Mastectomy Tattoos Monica Bielanko “I share my tattoo and feelings with you, so more women can realize there is an answer to mastectomies other than hiding.

Mastectomy Tattoo Ideas. Tattoo artist Vinnie Myers has developed a unique specialty in nipple tattoos for women who have undergone treatment for breast cancer. Since that time, I try to inform other women about mastectomy tattoos here in Germany.

Show us Your Mastectomy Tattoos! 13 Powerful Photos Of Mastectomy Tattoos. For this story, BuzzFeed Life spoke with several women who participated in Day events about their experiences.

But that doesn't mean the women who have undergone this surgery are hiding in shame. The braveness of angels among us. weirdly AWESOME D: See more. What does masectomy really mean for women who have undergone it?

These mastectomy tattoos will show us just how strong and badass they are! 15 Mastectomy Tattoos. 4 Women Show the Reality of Their Mastectomies in Stunning Photos.

among nearlybreast cancer patients studied, the rate of bilateral mastectomies jumped from 2 percent of patients in.

In Celebration of a Scar: 25 Amazing Mastectomy Tattoos

After mastectomy, women usually have two choices: Learn to love your flat chest or surgically reconstruct the breast (or breasts) that were taken some breast cancer survivors are choosing.

The use of tattoos among women who have undergone mastectomy
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