Thesis of defroestation

Inthe total afforested area in India was In this process precious plant, wild animals and rare birds are destroyed and the quality of environment is adversely affected.

Timber and plywood industries are mainly responsible for the destruction of forest trees. The construction of roads and railways particularly in hilly terrains, setting up of big irrigation projects have caused enough destruction to forest and accelerated the natural process of denudation.

The demand for industrial wood and other wood, part of which is currently being met by imports, will continue to rise with industrial and economic growth.

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This is most common in North-Eastern India due to heavy water erosion shifting cultivation is locally called Jhum. It is estimated that every year about one million hectare land is degraded by shifting cultivation. The forests and cultivated lands along the sides of ravines of big rivers Yamuna and Chambal are facing a serious danger of soil erosion.

A factory should be established on a waste land away from the urban population. The forest based industries such as Resin and Turpentine industry are also responsible for destruction of trees in the hills.

Underground water table is progressively going deeper and deeper. Forest destruction may also be caused by several adverse factors as landslides, drought, flood, storm, earthquakes, diseases, water and air pollution and human interferences.

Therefore, farmers should be advised to use the same land for cultivation and apply improved farming methods. According to FAO report, the annual deforestation rate in India was 0.

Essay on Deforestation: It’s Meaning and Causes

The destruction of forest cover in the ecologically sensitive Himalaya region has already started showing adverse impact in the form of increasing shortage of water, recurrent landslides, increasing flood, high sedimentation in the rivers, shortage of fuel and fodder and decrease in grazing land Due to deforestation the life supporting systems are disturbed.

Seeds of certain species do not germinate in excessively grazed soils which results in reduction of species. The uncontrolled and indiscriminate grazing in the forests lead to degradation of forest soil and affect natural regeneration of forests. The availability of fodder will be reduced and the age-old animal link in the hill ecosystem would be broken.

The sustainably extractable quantity of fuel wood from Indian forests is far below the requirement of the population. According to Forest Survey of Indiaagainst an annual demand for more than 27 million cubic metres the permissible cut of timber from forests was only 12 million cubic metres.

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Supply of raw materials to the forest based industries is another major cause of forest destruction in the hills. According to Forest Survey of India, about 7 million ha of forest land has been encroached for agriculture. Many diseases caused by parasitic fungi, rusts, viruses and nematodes cause death and decay of forest plants.

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Frequent fires are the major cause of destruction of forests in India. Unregulated and increased harvesting of non-wood forest produce will result in loss of biodiversity. According to Khoshoothe total area under forest in the world was about million ha.

Thus fuel wood is a major factor for deforestation. Maximum destruction of forest vegetation is done for fuel wood. Besides agriculture, forest land has also been diverted into other sectors. The number of persons dependent on one hectare of agricultural land increased from 3 in to 5 in Deforestation also plays a major role in global warming and its also responsible to the contribution of up to 20 percent of the total greenhouse gases emitted.

Trees play a major role in absorbing most of the green house gases like carbon dioxide. Deforestation due to land slide in the hills is of great concern. It has been observed that, the land slide occurred mainly in the areas where developmental activities were in progress for past few decades.

Sep 01,  · Best Answer: Deforestation is the conversion of forested areas to non-forest land use such as arable land, pasture, urban use, logged area, or wasteland.[1][not in citation given] Generally, the removal or destruction of significant areas of forest cover has resulted in a Status: Resolved.

Where deforestation is more then just cutting down a tree, that all that can lead to extinction of animals, to people having to be evicted from there homes, global warming increasing, carbon emmisions going into our atmosphere causing sever damages in places like California, Brazil and Asia.

Deforestation is a serious concern in many countries, so the topic itself is popular for college essay assignments. Some sample impressive deforestation essay topics include the following: Commercial logging: an increasing demand for timber and pulp. Thesis Statement.

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Thesis of defroestation
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